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The Story of Folkvar

The Viking of Justice

The time had come. Folkvar had trained hard his entire life for this quest and he had finally come of age. It was now his time to find a people worthy of his training and his protection. His very name means Guardian of the People and it was now time to fulfill his destiny as a Viking warrior. As he left the village he had known since he was a boy all the villagers gathered to wish him safe travels as he began his journey east toward the rising sun. He traveled by foot, by horse, and by boat. He traveled for many months, and despite all the lands he visited and all the people he met, he found none worthy of his protection. Folkvar was about to give up all hope one late afternoon while sitting on a hilltop watching the sunset. Suddenly it came to him, perhaps he had been traveling in the wrong direction the whole time. At first light, he began his journey west. It took many months and long days at sea but finally, he arrived. As he gazed around he could not believe his eyes, in this one place he could see all the people he had met along his previous journey all living on the same land and living in harmony with one another. They had a strange way about them ALL were equal. The women equally as fierce and passionate as the men, Folkvar was quickly reminded of the shield maidens from his home village. Folkvar finally knew that he had found the people worthy of his protection. He proudly and loudly announced that he would be their Guardian. Yet strangely the people did not want a Guardian. You see they lived as equals and they believe in Truth, Justice, and Freedom. They are a nation of fierce warriors and wish only brotherhood. Instead, they asked Folkvar if he would live among them and fight by their side as a brother. With a tear in his eye, Folkvar knew that he was worthy of these people to which he replied “You have my SHIELD”