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This is my second class with Bert and I’ve already signed up for a third. His knowledge and experience are seemingly unending and he’s a concise and patient professional. Lucky to learn from him.
Francisco R.
This class was so much fun, and I learned so much. Already signed up for the next one. This class is a must for everyone. Best instructor around!!
Anita H.
I always learn a lot from Bert's classes. He teaches many scenarios on defending your family from different threats, These skills are perishable and therefore require practice, which I why I return to his classes. Excellent as always!
Curtis Y.
Bert is an awesome instructor! Very down to earth and provided great instruction on how to improve my form for my rifle. The course layout and drills was to simulate real world situations and it worked great. I will be signing up for more classes for sure!
Marquin I.
OUTSTANDING instructor with an amazing depth of knowledge, unflinching safety, and great patience with students. Highly, highly recommend.
Stephen C.
Bert is a great instructor. He took the time to answer all questions, he makes you feel comfortable with the firearm. Will recommend to friends/family.
Betty S.
Excellent class, as usual. This was my 4th class with Bert, and won't be my last.
Michael K.
Excellent course! Always enjoy training with Bert and learning something new. He is one of the best!!
Kevin C.
Mr. Winfield is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and has the ability to impart the material in an effective and engaging manner.
G. Christopher W.
There's always more to learn. This class was the first that I've attended that covered in depth knowledge of local laws, tips, scenarios, and firing. Highly recommend this class for every shooter, no matter their experience.
Emanuel R.
Top notch class, Bert has a way of getting the key points to everyone and his eye to details and corrections is worth its weight in goal.
Richard H.
This class should be mandatory for parents and their children!!! Don't hope your kids do the right thing if they ever come across a gun , educate them! This class was amazing, my son had a great time. Bert made the curriculum fun and easy to understand . Top notch instructor
Michael P.
Highly informative, great class and energy of the group. Bert has a way a communicating the material so everyone from different backgrounds gets it. Definitely found a home for all my training
Richard H.
Bert is a fantastic instructor. This Pistol class is a MUST for anyone who carries for self defense. This is a class where another instructor comes to learn from the best. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to take a class with Bert. I’ll be back again.
Wayne S.
Bert’s classes are high on value, practicality and fun all while be very safe. I’m looking forward to my next class.
Steve A.
Looking for the best training in FL? Stop looking. You found it. I can't overstate how fun, and educational Bert makes the classes he teaches while providing you with expert level instruction.
Miguel P.
Class was informative. I had a great time I would recommend this class to everyone that wants to expand there knowledge of red dots as a end user or even as a instructor.
David H.
Nothing better than training more and more with awesome instructor and nice classmates.
Annop B.
Great instructor, great information, God willing I will never need to use it, but if I am faced with a home intruder, I’m confident the training received will have been beneficial as to the outcome.
Tom S.
Bert is fantastic. He makes the class fun and comfortable and makes sure we were all at ease going at our speed.
David P.
Excellent class, as usual. This was my second class with Bert as an instructor, and it was well worth the time. This low light pistol course is a rather rare offering when looking to learn skills that could be used in real life. I will keep coming back as Bert creates courses that go well beyond the basics of many other instructors. Love the more "real life" type of shooting that includes drawing from holsters, movement, decision making, and various helpful techniques to try out to see if it fits your particular ability and equipment.
Michael K.
This class was incredibly valuable. It's one thing to shoot at static targets at the range, Its another thing entirely to train for the potential of a life or death situation. Bert did a great job presenting somewhat complex topics in an easy to digest manor and the class was highly engaging and fun. I look forward to the opportunity to take any other classes he's offering.
Pierce F.
Bert is a great instructor, I feel more confident with my firearm and know that my skills have improved with his guidance. Very positive experience.
Pablo C.
Very through training with additional comments to further the examples of Great self defense!
Lori L.
Class was very informative. Instructor(Bert) made things clear and easy to understand! My confidence going into the class was fairly good and even better upon completion.
Sarah R.
I have taken many firearms training classes and Bert’s are always top notch. Very knowledgeable, holds everyone accountable, makes each classes new, exciting and fun while maintaining high safety standards. Already booked my next class. Highly recommend taking all of Home Defense Solutions classes to further one’s education and familiarization
Kevin Y.
Bert was great. Safe class that got the blood pumping. Learned alot and had fun.
Juan H.
Great class, tons of fun, packed 8 hours of training into 4 hours while maintaining safety, and professionalism. Will definitely do again.
Miguel P.
Knowledgable instructor, many good key points made.
Alissa W.
GREAT class and instructor, Bert Winfield! I finished the class feeling like I wanted more classes... it’s really fun when I get past my nerves lol but overall I feel more comfortable with my handgun and better prepared in home protection. Also a plus, I loved having all ladies there and their support as well. I’m grateful for everyone and the experience/lessons :)
Anita N.
Bert is the best, period! His knowledge, background and experience are second to none…highly recommended!!
Kevin C.
Phenomenal class, with great information and real life scenarios relating to low light conditions.
Scott D.
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